Niki Axioti

Niki Axioti

Marketing Manager, Clip News

With a MA education in Journalism and Mass Communications from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Niki Axioti worked as a journalist in media companies while collaborating as a communication advisor with institutions and individuals. In 2018, she joined the Clip News team, specifically in the Reporting & Analysis department, taking on the role of Account Manager for large companies. In 2021, she took over the company's corporate communication, contributing to the rebranding of Clip News, which emphasized AI tools that facilitate its services. She has been in charge of the Marketing department since 2023, with responsibilities in the sales field as well, while she became one of the company's shareholders.

Title Presentation

Revolutionizing PR: AI-Enhanced Media Analysis for Future-Ready Communications

In the dynamic world of public relations, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge tools. At Clip News, we've witnessed the transformative power of AI in media analysis. Through this speech we will explore how the combination of AI and Human expertise elevates PR and communications strategies by offering rapid, in-depth insights. We will underline the efficiency gains, enhanced accuracy, and predictive capabilities this combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence brings, enabling PR professionals to craft impactful, data-driven narratives. This fusion of AI with traditional media analysis not only streamlines workflow but also opens new avenues for proactive reputation management and strategic decision-making.