Host & Moderator, 15th Corporate Communication Conference, Athens

Dimitris Konstantellos

Dimitris is a trusted advisor to some of Greece’s largest businesses and organisations, across a range of sectors, solving for the most high-stakes reputation and business challenges.

He brings twenty years’ experience in strategic, government & policy, investments and M&A, crisis and political, and ESG-related communications, to help leaders manage complex reputational challenges.

By integrating political and policy analysis into all aspects of strategic communications, Dimitris provides bespoke advice and support to corporate strategies, based on an on-the-ground understanding.

Dimitris focuses on the interplay between business, national governments and EU institutions, the disruption of activist situations, and the challenges when it comes to executing change inside organizations.

Throughout his career with global agencies, McCann-Erickson in advertising, and Ketchum in Strategic Communications and Public Affairs, Dimitris has led several successful campaigns and international projects. In his role as External Relations & Public Affairs Country Lead for TotalEnergies, Dimitris is recognized as having played a significant role in tapping into Greece’s Oil & Gas ambitious exploration plan by helping executives navigate today’s volatile geopolitical landscape and understand political dynamics and unrivalled local networks.

Dimitris also serves on the board of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), which for the last 90 years promotes Greece as a tourist destination. Through his involvement with GNTO, Dimitris works on recovery strategies for national tourism (an industry accounting for 25% of Greece’s GDP) and response marketing campaigns for 2020-21.

Since 2015, Dimitris received an honorary role endorsed by the reputable international associations IPRA, EACD and EDEE, at the heart of Greece’s professional networks, as the Curator of PR & Corporate Communications industry annual event, the “Corporate Communications Conference” by Marketing Week magazine, identifying drivers that move market and forecast outcomes and scenarios.

With a track record in civic service, Dimitris is also a dedicated mentor to young university graduates, an eager lecturer to academia, and speaker to conferences.

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